Key words�

Entrepreneurial spirit: pragmatic innovation, hard work, dedication

Pragmatic——Interpretation: Persist in seeking truth and being pragmatic, comprehensively and scientifically judge the situation, seize opportunities, meet challenges, overcome difficulties, and put the foothold of accelerating enterprise development on the real work. Committed to the recognition, respect and support of the public, customers, employees and peers.

Innovation——Interpretation: Adhere to the spirit of innovation to strengthen the construction and management of enterprises. Tracking the advanced technology of the industry, continuously carrying out technological innovation, and striving to achieve the goal of improving the entire value chain of enterprises, customers and suppliers and the benefits of relevant stakeholders.

Hard work——Interpretation: Persist in establishing a sense of superiority and crisis, and establishing the concept of “going against the water, not retreating, slowing forward and retreating”. Therefore, everyone wants to "worse", "one good", "beat" and "everything", "being", forming a gratifying situation of blooming flowers, tens of thousands of horses, talents, and increasing benefits.

Dedication——Interpretation: Persevere in dedication, dedication, and do everything well; adhere to lead by example, do our best, dare to take responsibility and risk; adhere to hard work, keep making progress, keep improving, continuous improvement, and constantly surpass, committed to the sustainable development of enterprises .