The structure and basic working principle of quantitative packaging equipment

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2018/10/22 09:29
Quantitative packing scale and other packaging equipment is different, the first quantitative technology in packaging machine is a mechanical equipment limited for packaging products and packaging mac
Quantitative packing scale and other packaging equipment is different, the first quantitative technology in packaging machine is a mechanical equipment limited for packaging products and packaging machine is just a general only for goods packaging should be complete, but with the development of science and technology, now many packaging machines have been quantitatively the function of packaging.
Today, the market is flooded with a variety of products, packaging of products is the packaging machine enterprises emerge in an endless stream, many at the time of purchase will inevitably encounter some problems, so the function is complete, the use of automatic quantitative packing scale more convenient now sight. By the use of a warm welcome. Automatic packaging machine set foot on the journey, creating a new era of packaging machine automatic packaging machine on the logical appearance.
Such an era of information explosion, packaging machinery automation and intelligent development is an inevitable trend. Automatic packaging machine with automatic and intelligent function, so easy to use, save a part of the labor force, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, also the corresponding part of the cost savings, so by the use of welcome manufacturers, set off the upsurge of automatic quantitative packing scale. High quality packaging is very important for the enterprise, and automatic packaging machine packaging than traditional packaging machine more rigorous, beautiful.
Automatic packaging machine in the packaging industry is the most promising packaging machine, although there are deficiencies, but to promote the rapid development of the packaging industry, packaging industry has made a big step forward. Packaging machine manufacturers can occupy a place in the packaging industry, we must find a new breakthrough point, enhance the sense of innovation, and automatic quantitative packaging scale is a new opportunity. We are also the domestic packaging machine manufacturers can survive under the impact of foreign automatic packaging machine, it depends on whether we seize this opportunity, as soon as possible to achieve the transformation of enterprises.
Industry insiders predict that with the continuous growth of demand, in 2016 India is expected to become one of the world's ten largest packaging consumer. By then, the country's packaging industry market value will exceed $24 billion. The next few years, food packaging will become a quantitative quantitative packaging polymer consumption in India rapid growth of the main driving force.
At present, the India packaging industry controls the market share of polymer consumption of nearly 48%, and an annual rate of increase of 15%. In recent years, the market has been highly sought after polymer packaging, including multilayer film, BOPP film, thin wall molding, thermoplastic molding and extrusion containers, etc..
With the increasing attention to food safety issues, the choice of materials has become the primary consideration of India packaging manufacturers. India packaging industry authority said that in view of the low cost of plastic, easy to use, many of the current packaging market will be regarded as the ideal packaging materials.
As the world's only Chinese country with a large population, India quantitative packing scale industry especially in the food packaging industry of hard and soft plastic market demand is expanding, its strength will gradually increase with the increase of the population.
The next few years, the annual growth rate of demand for packaged food in India is 9%, its market value will reach $100 billion in 2030. Data show that in 2013 the packaging industry in India plastic consumption of 3 million 500 thousand tons, is expected in 2020 this figure will increase to 9 million tons.
Although the current India quantitative packaging scale industry overall market trend for the better, but there are some constraints in the development process. Due to the lack of technical innovation and system packaging solutions, India packaging food in the international market competitiveness is still very weak.
At present, domestic enterprises due to the lack of enough attention and investment in research and development and innovation of the quantitative packing scale, resulting in high speed equipment domestic enterprises are still unable to produce a higher degree of automation, can not catch up with the pace of innovation for foreign manufacturers. Particle packing scale industry in China should avoid weaknesses, based on not abandon the introduction and absorption on the importance of equipment research and development and innovation, to better products, more intimate design, more adequate facilities and more sophisticated manufacturing, by domestic and international customers.
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