Double-shaft paddle mixer

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Conveying and stirring equipment
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※Double-shaft mixer is a kind of high-efficiency and strong power equipment, which is called double-shaft paddle mixer, horizontal no-gravity mixer, etc. In the horizontal barrel, two stirring shafts rotate inversely with equal speed, stirring.
※Application range: two-axis mixer is suitable for mixing powder and powder, granule and granule, granule and powder and adding a small amount of liquid. It is especially suitable for mixing materials whose grain size and specific gravity are quite different. It is widely used in chemical industry, dry powder mortar, pesticide, ceramics, food, feed and battery industries. This machine is a high-precision mixing equipment, which has wide adaptability to the mixture, can mix evenly for materials with large difference in proportion, proportion and particle size, and can mix well for materials with 1:00-10000 difference or higher. The machine can partially crush the granular material after adding the crushing device.
1. Heating and cooling: the jacket can be added outside the barrel of the non-gravity mixer. Cooling or heating of the material can be realized by injecting cold and hot medium into the jacket; The cooling water is usually pumped into industrial water, and the heating oil can be heated through steam or electric heating.
2. Negative pressure/vacuum feeding: in a specific process, the barrel of the screw mixer can be made into a negative pressure chamber, and the flexible dry materials can be sucked into the mixing chamber by using a hose for mixing, so as to avoid residue and pollution in the material feeding process.
3. Liquid mixing: the non-gravity mixer adopts the upper cover of the machine to pass through the liquid injection pipe and connect the atomizing nozzle to realize liquid mixing; By selecting a specific material of 316 stainless steel, the powder can be mixed with liquid materials such as acid and alkali.
4. Discharge valve According to the need, can also be installed butterfly valve, ball valve, star unloading valve, plate valve, knife gate valve edge discharge valve and so on.
5. Additional fly knife: the gravity mixer adopts double-shaft slurry blade structure, which can also be equipped with fly knife device to facilitate the dispersing of materials in crushing
6. Spindle seal: when mixing superfine powder, spindle seal can also increase the setting of gas seal, effectively prevent the leakage of powder in the equipment, which will not pollute the mixture, and improve the environmental hygiene of the production workshop.


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